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Day-in-the-Life Video = Reality TV

Day in the Life Video creates a reality TV situation for jurors in the Courtroom. Most jurors in South Florida have seen at least some sort of Reality TV (First 48 Hours, COPS, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Bush People, etc.) In addition, most jurors crave this type of entertainment. We have become a society of information junkies where we crave our information immediately and better yet in a video. Our society has become obsessed with personal device applications such as Vines, Instagram and Snap Chat that produce small videos to the public. In essence, a Day in the Life Video is a vine or short video of the injured victim's permanent reality. Obviously, a video of the hardships, struggles, disability, etc. is better than a caregiver giving testimony of the same.

Day in the life video's also allow to jurors to share for a moment in the victim's daily experience. They have the ability to empathize with family members, friends and the victim without asking them "If this were you" and breaking the Golden Rule.

APVisuals creates and produces day-in-the-life videos for its clients. We take a professional and tasteful approach while still exposing the harsh reality of the victim's daily life. Better said, we approach the video like one would approach a documentary. We do not aid the victim but only film how a typical day would occur in their life. However, our videographers use angle and videography to captivate an audience such as a jury.

If your handling a personal injury case and are in need of a videographer to document a day in the life of your client's life, please contact APVisuals to discuss. We would be happy to show you some samples and discuss your client's day-in-the-life video. We would love to work together with you in creating a day-in-the-life video that moves jurors, gives them the information that they need, and allows your client to keep their integrity.

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