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Trial Technician - Trial Support? in Miami-Dade? Broward? Palm Beach? Monroe?

Presentation technology including AV trial equipment and Trial technicians/hot seat operators are ready and available to help you with your trial and/or arbitration. APVisuals has over 30+ years of combined experience presenting evidence in trial through technology (Elmo, multimedia presentations, video playbacks, trial director, etc.) at the Broward Courthouse, Lawson Courthouse, Miami-Dade Civil Courthouse, Miami-Dade Juvenile Courthouse, Palm Beach Courthouse and the Monroe County Courthouses (Key West and Plantation Key). And yes ... each court house and even court room has different technological components, different configurations and different capabilities; all that the technicians at APVisuals are well aware of through years fo experience.

Our Hot Seat operator work with you well before your trial even commences, uploading and organizing your exhibits in order to seamlessly present your client's case. Each trial technician communicates with you, your paralegal, your assistant, Judicial Assistant, and Bailiff/Sheriff assigned to your courtroom - This allows you to focus on your client's case.

Using our proprietary software, we are able to organize and retrieve your documents in a way that allows you to call them up quickly, highlight important documents on the spot, compare documents, and compare exhibits. We are also able to payback depositions that are synchronized to transcripts in order to simply do a play back or to impeach a witness.

More importantly, we work together with our clients in order to customize the technology used at each trial in order to help optimize the result for your client's case. This is not a one size fits all. We are well aware that not all cases have the same budget, not all cases have the same amount of complexity as to documents and number of depositions taken. Therefore we work with you and your client to determine what technology is needed pursuant to the case's needs.

If you or your law firm are headed to trial, contact APVisuals at 888-399-0988 to retain your hot seat operator, designer, and/or graphics specialist.


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