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Thinking About Ordering Printed Trial Boards - Tips to Make it Easier

Thinking about ordering trial boards? Maybe you want some documents or photographs blown up. Do you have them ready or need a legal graphic designer to design your infographics? Here are some tips for your to prepare and have answers to before you call us - it will make things easier and faster.

1. Are the boards you are requesting simply enlargements a/k/a blow ups or do you need a graphic designer to change them, make them printable, etc?

a. If it is a straight blow up, you can simply order your boards online from us

by clicking here.

b. If you would like to speak with us regarding enlargements in order to consult

on quality, size, etc. we are more than happy to speak with you. You can contact

us at 305-318-9570 or email us at

2. Do you need to design a custom board?

a. Have the necessary documents to incorporate in the board.

b. Medical Illustration - Have the radiographic films and report ready to go.

c. Timeline - Have a list of dates and summary in list/order.

d. Flowchart - Have a information to incorporate and how the flow of information

should go.

e. Document call-outs - Have the transcript and the deposition page line

designations to highlight.

3. Have ready the size you prefer the board to be. Standard sizes can be found on

our website. If you are looking for a custom sized board, please call us to discuss.

APVisuals's large format prints are mounted on high-quality foam core boards that may or may not be laminated, pursuant to the client's request. This allows for handling of the boards multiple times without damage to them. In fact, boards that present a negligence standard or a statute can withhold numerous uses at multiple trials.

MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL -- APVISUALS CONTROLS THE WHOLE PRINTING PROCESS. We do not out source your exhibits to third party vendors. We have our own large format printer, mounter and laminating system; everything is done in-house. Some of our other in house services include: document scanning, large format printing, laminating, legal graphic design, medical illustrations, drone footage, and much more. Check out the rest of our website for more details

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