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Power Point? Key Note? Trial Pad? Trial Director? Elmo?

What is the best way to present documents at trial? The quick answer is - It depends? The are factors that determine what will be the best methods for your case. For example:

The Number of Documents

If you have a case with a large number of documents like a medical malpractice case, using a document management program such as Trial Director is your best option. Documents can be easily called up by using a scanner readily available to the attorney. If you have a smaller number of documents use of an ELMO (overhead type document projector) or trial pad maybe what is best for your case.

Do you want to highlight documents Upon Presenting Documents?

If you want to make changes and highlights to a document during testimony or an argument using an editing program like trial director or trial pad is needed.

Are you going to have a Presentation Incorporating Documents?

If you want to have an interactive presentation incorporating documents for opening. closing or a mediation presentation - using Keynote or Power Point may be better for you. This allows to create documents that have been highlighted, incorporate timelines, etc.

APVisuals is well versed in the many ways that documents can be displayed and presented to juries. The ability to present evidence, legal graphics, medical illustrations and other evidence in different ways ensure that a jury's attention is on your case. If you are headed to trial or mediation in the near future, call us to discuss how we can help with creating compelling and quality exhibits. We look forward to hearing from you.

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