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Litigation Support for Miami-Dade and Broward What Does That Mean?

Definition: Litigation Support - any and all actions done in order to prepare lawyer(s) or law firm(s) to try a case. This includes but is not limited to e-discovery organization, document review, witness preparation, exhibit preparation, legal graphic design, video editing, surveillance video, and preparing expert witnesses.

In summary Litigation Support really means helping the lawyers(s) tell their client(s)'s story. Litigation Support companies and individuals try to ensure that their attorney client tell the best story because "Whoever tells the best story wins" - John Quincy Adams.

APVisuals is an experience litigation support and litigation graphics company based out of South Florida. We have over 30 years of combined experienced helping lawyers in Miami-Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach tell their client's story. We are well aware that sometimes includes even helping our client's carry boxes, choose cables, and do small tasks that just ensure that everything runs smoothly.

APVisuals is experienced in providing South Florida attorneys in managing large-scale litigation. We assist in using document databases such as Trial Director for managing, sorting, indexing and coordinating large number of documents. We also work without clients to coordinate technology in the courtroom and decide what technology should be used for the best presentation of the party's story. We also help in the coordination of mock trials.

If you are headed to trial and are in need of litigation support, courtroom technology support, legal graphic support, please contact us to discuss and strategize. Our goal is to make our client's storytelling concise and compelling.


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