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Professional Exhibits With Personalized Attention - Legal Graphics

"Professional Exhibits with Personalized Attention - that's our goal" - Founder and graphic designer, Alain Porven. APVisuals is a South Florida legal graphics support firm, based out of Pembroke Pines, Florida (so it is conveniently located within West Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Dade County), dedicated to the South Florida legal community. We strategically placed our office in the middle of the three South Florida counties to make us readily available to deliver boards, meet with clients, and be accessible at all times.

We have worked with Criminal Defense Attorneys, Contract Attorneys, Real Estate Attorneys, Litigation Attorneys, Personal Injury Attorneys, Medical Malpractice Attorneys, and Insurance Defense Attorneys in the South Florida area.

With over 30 years combined of legal graphic, hot seat operator, presentation creating, trial graphic and large format printing experience - we have the knowledge and expertise to produce exhibits, presentations and demonstratives efficiently - not to mention that our products are compelling, sturdy, and custom tailored to your case.

Personalized attention - you would be surprised that 9 times out of 10 when you call our office, you speak first with Alain Porven, our founder and lead graphic designer. Mr. Porven is proud of the personal attention that he give each project and each case. He works one on one, along with his team, on your client's case creating exhibits that work for your client's case. If you want to door to door service, we are more than happy to provide that service. If you want to order trial boards online and have them delivered quickly, we are more than happy to provide that service.

Need a special request? Just call us to discuss. We will be happy to discuss with you how we can help you with your case and maximize your's client's story.

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