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"He Who Represents Himself Has a Fool for Client" - Abraham Lincoln

If your client would be considered foolish for representing himself (as stated by Abraham Lincoln) - Why would you do your own legal graphics, trial graphics and presentations without retaining professional legal graphics artists.

Of course, attorneys have a vision for their case. They have developed themes that weave through their case. In addition, many trial lawyers can see the exhibits and how they want them to function at trial. However, trial attorneys specialize in oral arguments, speaking and verbally communicating information to jurors and judges. One thing is having a vision and another is making them into a reality that meets their expectations. Professional legal graphics artists specialize in making visual representations of the "theme" of the case, highlighting information in ways that captivate juror's attention, and creating visuals that stick in jurors' memories. At the very least, hiring a professional legal artist gives trial attorney's another perspective about the case. As a lay person, legal graphic artists can give a point of view that is fresh and more like a common juror. Legal graphic artists, through experience have developed way to design infographics that convey important information to a jury.

Any one who has attempted to engage in any sort of graphic design is aware of the numerous drafts and corrections that it takes to do so. The time it takes to design and create a graphic that meets the vision that an attorney has can add up and take away from the attorney's time to prepare for their case at trial. Although an attorney that has some experience in graphic design may be able to get to an adequate design, an experience legal graphic designer has the experience to draft the vision quicker and with more ease allowing an attorney to prepare for trial and still have time to practice with said exhibit/design.

Bottom Line - All exhibits are not created equal. How to present information to jury becomes an important part of your trial - sometimes as much as the facts of the case. Don't leave such an important task as designing timelines, medical illustrations, infographics, etc. to just any trial graphics artist. APVisuals trial graphic artists are seasoned in producing effective and compelling trial graphic designs for clients in Miami, Broward and West Palm Beach Counties. Our artists are used to changing designs quickly due to ruling or new found evidence in cases. Our trial graphics artists are classically training artists who combine over 20 years of experience in trial graphics. We would love to work with you on your next case. Please call us at 305-318-9570 to discuss.

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