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Mock Trials can give litigators foresight into how a jury will view your case.  By being able to observe jurors deliberate and later review the video of their deliberations, you will be able to make decisions regarding settlement, trial, new arguments, and other aspects of your case. Mock trials also give litigators an opportunity to practice voir dire, opening arguments, closing arguments, and witness presentation.  Valuable information can be extracted from mock trial jurors on how they view your client, yourself and other attorneys in the case. 

APVisuals is proud to offer clients mock trial and focus group service support.  APVisuals has the ability to properly outfit any courtroom, conference room, hotel, office, school or the location of your choosing for your mock trial/focus group. Our trained technicians provide litigators with the ability to conduct professional mock trials where jurors can be viewed on closed-circuit viewing while deliberating in multiple rooms. APVisuals will custom tailor the audio visual equipment (microphones, flat screen television, cameras, etc.) to your case and needs. We bring you over 15 years of videoing/technical experience in this specialized field.  

Of course, your documents, video and case details are secure with us. APVisuals handles all documents, photographs, documents, video etc. with the upmost confidentiality.  All APVisuals employees sign confidentiality agreements upon hire. 

    Some of our options include:

​    Mock Trials

    Focus Groups

    Multiple Room Use


    All A/V Set up

    Jury Consultant

    Member Selection Support

    Presentation Materials (Blow-ups, Animations, etc.)


APVisuals prides itself on its ability to work closely with its attorney partners in creating effective mock trials. If you have an upcoming trial, please contact to discuss the use of a potential mock trial and/or focus group.



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