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What Kind of Lawyer are You?

Q: What kind of Lawyer are You?

A: A storyteller!!

Be honest. When anyone finds out your are a lawyer their first question is to find out what law you practice. They always ask "What kind of lawyer are you.?" Sometimes you may simply answer with your practice type, "Personal Injury," "Criminal Defense," "Corporate," etc. Sometime you may answer with a smart remark like, "A good one!," "One thats never been suspended," etc. But if you are a trial attorney, regardless of the area of practice your answer should always be:


The problem is that most jurors nowadays are used to getting "their stories." via Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, news feeds and News clips. Physical newspapers and magazines are going on our of business because consumers prefer to read their news via their computer or ipad. The reality is that an affective storyteller in the Court Room needs to use technology. However, keep that hard copy (TRIAL BOARD) in your back pocket for an issue that you want to stand out.

Remember when you were a child and your favorite books had the best illustrations? You're attention was captured and you wanted the storyteller to turn the page so you could see the next illustration. Keep your jury entertained and wanting you to turn the page to your next demonstrative or exhibit.

It is a complicated dance trying to balance out technology and physical exhibits to ensure that the best possible visual representation of your client's case is presented to the jury. Not to worry. APVisuals consultant(s) are available to discuss the possibilities of your case and how the important points can be presented to a jury. If you are headed to trial in the near future, please call us to discuss. We would love to hear from you and work with you on your next case.


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