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Limited Budget? TIPS from APVisuals on Cost-Effective Trial Graphics

At APVisuals, a South Florida Litigation Graphics company, we understand that not all cases have the same budget. However, one thing is for sure, plaintiff and/or defense lawyers can no longer ignore the importance of legal graphics, illustrations, animations, or any visual component during litigation and/or trial. Visuals allow litigators to explain their theories, solidify their case theme, and ensure consistency throughout their case presentation.

Sometimes when preparing for trial, it can become difficult to narrow what media to utilize: 1) boards; 2) powerpoint presentations; 3) etc. in order to obtain an ideal result without overspending on costs.

At APVisuals we understand that costs are a consideration in most cases. We work with our clients according to our clients' needs. We can prepare proposals which lay out an ideal visual presentation plan, and work with you to scale it down, if needed, to fit your budget. Some key principles to keep in mind that will allow you to keep trial graphics costs down:

1) BE PREPARED: Once you have decided that you want to use an infographics, highlight certain documents, etc., have them ready. This means having an electronic copy of the document and a hardcopy of the document. If you need highlights, call outs, or in any way identifying certain portions of the document have it ready. If you are creating a presentation have an idea of how many slide, what is to be in each slide and lay it out for your graphics expert. If you are prepared then less questions need to be asked and less directions needs to be requests, costs will be kept down.

2) START EARLY: Key documents should be separated throughout the case. Place them in a separate file in order to have them handy.

3) TRY TO AVOID CHANGES: Many tral graphics charges come from making changes when an infographics, timeline, or other design just does not tell you client's story well. Try to have you initial idea on point, i.e., run it by other attorneys in your firm or a test group. Design changes are costly. If you have your ideas generally out together like the theme of your case, the main documents that should be shown through out, then it is easier to do an effective first design to keep your costs down as to design time.

If your are headed to trial, call us to discuss how we can work together to improve the odds of your case. There are many nuances associated with visual aides where our years of experience only help your case. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.


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