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Criminal Defense Attorneys - Help Your Clients - Hire A Graphic Designer

Legal Graphics Designers are retained frequently by Personal Injury Attorneys or Insurance Defense Attorneys. Unfortunately, Criminal Attorneys do not tend to hire litigation technology and legal graphic firms such as APVisuals. Usually the odds are stacked against criminal Defendants. The State Attorney has available many resources to prosecute and try their case. Criminal Defendants are also limited by their ability to fund the litigation support and costs. However like any trial, the jury has to believe your client's story.

The problem is that most jurors nowadays are used to getting "their story" via Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, news feeds and News clips. The reality is that an affective storyteller in the Court Room needs to use technology. However, keep that hard copy (TRIAL BOARD) in your back pocket for an issue that you want to stand out.

Remember when you were a child and your favorite books had the best illustrations? You're attention was captured and you wanted the storyteller to turn the page so you could see the next illustration. Keep your jury entertained and wanting you to turn the page to your next demonstrative or exhibit.

As a solution some attorneys try to do the graphic design themselves. If your client would be considered foolish for representing himself/herself (as stated by Abraham Lincoln) - Why would you do your own legal graphics, trial graphics and presentations without retaining professional legal graphics artists.trial attorneys specialize in oral arguments, speaking and verbally communicating information to jurors and judges. One thing is having a vision and another is making them into a reality that meets their expectations. Professional legal graphics artists specialize in making visual representations of the "theme" of the case, highlighting information in ways that captivate juror's attention, and creating visuals that stick in jurors' memories.

If you are a criminal defense attorney and you have a case headed to trial, please contact us to discuss how we can help create and produce effective demonstratives for trial.


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